Föreläsare Bryan G Fry

Här kommer en presentation av kommande föreläsare Bryan Grieg Fry:


Bryan G. Fry is an Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Queensland. He leads the Venom Evolution Laboratory, working on venoms from a wide diversity of reptiles, centipedes, cnidarians, insects, scorpions, spiders and even venomous mammals. He has published extensively on venom systems evolution and how they can be harnessed for therapeutic use. Fry’s publications have appeared in prestigious scientific journals, including Nature. He has led field expeditions to over forty countries and he is a member of the Explorers Club. His work has been featured in over seventy natural history documentaries appearing on Animal Planet, BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV and others.

Fry has a B.Sc. (honours) in Molecular Biology, a B.A. (honours) in Scientific Philosophy, as well as B.A. minor studies in Psychology from Portland State University. Subsequently he obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland, Institute for Molecular Biosciences (Centre for Drug Design and Development). His work has been funded by grants from a diversity of funding agencies, including the Australian Research Council and the Australian Antarctic Division.