Föreläsare Mikael Lundberg

Presentation av föreläsare Mikael Lundberg


Mikael Lundberg
Member of Stockholm Herpetological Society since 1977

The best herpetological period of my life began when I, thanks to my work at Skanska, moved to the rainforest in northern Colombia in 1996. There, I spent much of my free time to study and photograph reptiles and amphibias in the field, both day and night. After Colombia I continued to work in Honduras, Panama and finally Peru, where I remained until 2008. During my time in Latin America, I have of course learned a lot, but my findings have also contributed to greater knowledge, for example, of various species distribution areas. Besides the privilege to experience the animals in their natural environment, I have made many friends with an interest in Latin American herpetology. Together, we have also described several new species and I’ve even got a frog from the cloud forest in the east hillsides of Andes, Peru named after me, ”Oreobates lundbergi”.

Peru is the country I spent the most time in, from 2000 to 2008, and had the opportunity to travel around and see the different habitats of coastal deserts, Andean Puna, cloud rain forests and lowland rainforests. I have now moved back to Sweden but I regularly visit Peru and try to get out in the nature as much as possible.